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Clean Your Data Faster for Tableau with AlteryxToday, more data is produced in a single day than all the years up to 2003 combined. That also means more pressure is put on analysts to obtain insights from all the disparate data sources. However, legacy tools are cumbersome and inefficient; in fact, data preparation typically consumes 60-70% of project time. Analysts are in need for faster and more efficient data mining solutions. Alteryx delivers capabilities for data mining that analysts need to help deliver faster decisions from their data.

Key Alteryx Capabilities Include:

  • Easily access, cleanse, and integrate multiple data sources without coding or outside intervention
  • Reduce time spent on data preparation by automating repeatable tasks
  • Incorporate techniques like regression, classification, clustering, association, and more
  • Deploy models in an environment that allows for consumption throughout the organization
  • Leverage models that are already built in SAS, Alteryx, R, or SPSS

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