Location & Business Datasets 

Enrich insights with location and consumer intelligence 

Transform any analysis with Alteryx Location + Business Insights datasets. Build transformational outcomes with ready-to-use data from trusted market-leading providers directly within Alteryx Designer.  

Pinpoint With Location Insights

Enrich your analytics with a deeper understanding of customers and locations. Explore customer locations on detailed street maps or satellite image overlays. Cleanse and standardize addresses to improve data quality and business outcomes. 
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Expand Analysis With Consumer Insights

Drive transformational outcomes using the demographics, buying behaviors, and business profiles of your customers directly within Alteryx. Incorporate retail purchasing data to create in-depth profiles for successful marketing strategies.
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With Alteryx, the physical, virtual, and race world data can be combined to create optimal efficiency and build the most performant race car possible.

Trusted Partnerships, Trusted Data

Partnerships with leading data providers enable more effective analytics for critical decisions.


High resolution satellite imagery  provides spatial reference for better decision making. 

Dun + Bradstreet

The highest-quality information on businesses worldwide. 


The largest source for data on over 113 million households and 235 million consumers.


Visual presentation of more than 50 layers of cartographic data.

Assess your ROI Potential

Use the interactive ROI calculator to estimate the value of analytics automation on your bottom line.
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How to Increase ROI Through Data Democratization 

See 4 things you should do to increase ROI through democratization.

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Why Alteryx is a Better Choice for Enterprise Analytics

Why Alteryx is a better choice for organizations that want to experience a unified analytics platform that is easy to use and upskills your existing workforce to enable a democratized approach to data.

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DIY Data

How to Eliminate the Chasm Between Analysts and IT

Want to strengthen your ability to collaborate across business users and IT? Learn how Designer Cloud makes it easier than ever to accomplish collaboration across the organization.

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