Self-Service Open Source Data Integration Tools

Open Source Data Integration Tools

Looking for a way to avoid costly hardware and lengthy software deployment for data integration? What about  dealing with the complexity of analyzing cloud-based data? Alteryx can help with innovative open source data integration tools. Our intuitive self-service analytics helps uncover data insights faster via a single workflow. No coding needed. 

Deeper Insights

Uncover previously unrecognized patterns and areas of business improvement after blending hundreds of disparate data sources and visualizing the results using Tableau.

Hours vs Weeks

Reduce time-to-insight from weeks to hours.

Intuitive Workflow

Enable analysts and key decision makers to become self-sufficient in performing and iterating advanced analytics.

Alteryx brings advanced self-service analytics to today's analysts. Learn how to reap the full power of cloud-based data insights through Alteryx. Download Self-Service Analytics for Cloud-Based Data. 

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