Nuts and Bolts: How Alteryx Architecture Helps Supercharge Decision-Making

Technology   |   David Hare   |   Mar 26, 2024 TIME TO READ: 4 MINS

Sometimes, it feels like we are swimming in exciting new technologies. The hype is there, but sometimes, we lack the information we need to draw a direct line between those technologies and how they might solve our most pressing problems.

I have the privilege of leading the Solutions Architecture team here at Alteryx. A big part of our job is helping customers understand the Alteryx platform enough that they can see how it integrates with their existing IT infrastructure and technology stack. We also spend a lot of time demonstrating how Alteryx can provide high-performance and advanced analytics. My passion for learning about new technologies is matched only by my interest in seeing how those technologies can help solve business problems.

With that in mind, I wanted to bring to your attention a series of articles we’ve written about Alteryx Architectures for our Engine Works blog. If you are an IT leader with an interest in the architecture of Alteryx, read on.

Alteryx Server and why business and IT both like us

Before you dig in too deep, it’s good to understand what Alteryx Server is and what it does. Alteryx Server is an organization’s foundation for the successful usage of Alteryx at scale. It provides a scalable server-based analytics solution that lets you publish, share, schedule, and scale analytic applications. And, critically, it does so in a secure and governed environment.

Alteryx Server includes a collaborative, secure central repository system that provides analytic outcomes to consumers through customizable apps, reports, and dashboards.

It allows organizations to scale analytics for higher performance, faster delivery, and automation while easily sharing insights across the organization.

Any organization seeking to use new tech to solve core business problems must first bring everyone to the table, outline objectives and concerns, and coalesce around the value the technology brings. The good thing about Alteryx is that it tends to satisfy both sides of the house equally.

  • For the IT side, Alteryx promises fast implementation times and great visibility when it comes to monitoring users. It also maintains high levels of security. Thanks to its ease of use, it takes work off the plate of data analysts as they are able to carefully allow the use of the tools across the organization.
  • For the business side, Alteryx Server enables people to move faster and see early ROI. It helps analysts answer business questions faster and helps everyone get an efficiency boost, as previously manual processes are automated. It also enables AI on a number of fronts.

Alteryx architectures: digging in

We covered a number of key topics in the Alteryx architectures article series. The first of the six pieces is a sort of introduction to Alteryx Server, reviewing some basic concepts and setting the stage for deeper, more specialized discussions.

Here’s how we broke it down:

Alteryx Architectures – Introduction 
Alteryx Architectures – Starter Architectures 
Alteryx Architectures – SAML SSO Authentication 
Alteryx Architectures – Workload Management 
Alteryx Architectures – Resiliency and High Availability 
Alteryx Architectures – Alteryx Server Demo Environment 

It’s worth noting that these articles are merely a starting point, a way to whet your appetite and start to imagine what Alteryx might look like in your organization. When you and your team start to get serious about a possible engagement with us, you’ll want to set up a consult to determine what shape (and size) Alteryx Server deployment would best fit your organization based on your business requirements, workload patterns, and data sizes. To do that, you can reach out to an Alteryx sales rep or contact me.

I invite you to check out the article series. Once you do, reach out. I would love to hear your thoughts.