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Alteryx is the leader in Analytics Automation. The Analytics Automation Platform unifies and automates analytics from data to outcomes.

Technology Dec 30, 2022
Is Your Organization “Gaming” Supply Chain Planning?
In this guest blog by KPMG, you'll learn how to re-evaluate your supply chain planning practices to manage supply shortfalls.
People Oct 19, 2022
Sharing SparkED with My Alma Mater
Alteryx associate Mike Baum shares the SparkED program with his alma mater.
What's New Oct 14, 2022
Announcing the Winners of the 2022 EMEA Alteryx Customer Excellence Awards
The results are in. Here are this year’s winners of the EMEA Alteryx Customer Excellence Awards.
What's New Sep 7, 2022
Data Analytics and Ethical Responsibility
Guest blogger, Fabien Scalzo, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Pepperdine University and UCLA, shares how they are expanding the d...
Technology Jul 22, 2022
What is ETL Code?
Gain a better understanding of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) code.
What's New Jun 27, 2022
Alteryx Grand Prix Winner
SparkED graduate, Claire McCollough, Wins 2022 Alteryx Grand Prix!
Technology May 24, 2022
The Challenge of Continuous Audit
Empower your own analysts to blast through repetitive processes, so they can deliver on time and in compliance.
Strategy May 23, 2022
Infographic: How Data Prep Inefficiencies Cost You Money
Delays in accessing and prepping data can have a real impact on your bottom line.
What's New May 10, 2022
Breaking the Bias
Prioritizing equity and belonging in the workplace differentiates innovative businesses from businesses satisfied with the status quo.
What's New Mar 25, 2022
Analytics: Shane Battier’s Competitive Edge in the NBA
See how 2x NBA Champion Shane Battier used analytics to become an all-star.
Technology Mar 21, 2022
5 Burning Questions Answered
Catch the quick recap of Alter.Next 2022 and see what data and analytics leaders are focusing on.
People Mar 15, 2022
Why Ethics Needs To Inform Analytics
Will data, analytics, and tech lead humanity astray? Should coders learn philosophy? See what Professor Yuval Noah Harari has to say.
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