David McNamara

David McNamara was formerly a Product Marketing Specialist at Trifacta.

Technology May 19, 2020
The Data School with Professor Joe Hellerstein: The Role of AI in Data Prep
What is AI’s role in the data preparation process? It doesn’t take much more than asking Siri to clean your data to realize that we can�...
Technology May 4, 2020
Plans – The Command Center for Orchestrating Data Pipelines
A big focus of development work over the last year has been to expand our capabilities in automation and data pipelining, and this work is P...
Technology Apr 13, 2020
The Data School with Professor Joe Hellerstein: Evolution of User Interfaces for Data Wrangling
Now, we’re back for session two! In this video, we travel back in time to the early days of data transformation and take a closer look at ...
What's New Mar 16, 2020
Introducing the Data School with Professor Joe Hellerstein
Looking for an overview of what’s changing in data management? Wondering about the new rules of the road in an era of cloud databases, mac...
Technology Jul 30, 2019
July ‘19 Wrangler Release — Macros and Enhancements to Transform by Example and Cluster Clean
Macros allow you to bundle multiple steps in a Designer Cloud recipe as a single object and to create parameters for it.