Geoffroy De Viaris

Geoffroy de Viaris is a Data and Analytics Project Manager at a high fashion luxury goods manufacturer. His main activities consist of analytics and building and maintaining data warehouses to deliver insights to decision-makers worldwide. In this guest post, Geoffroy shares his experience getting started with Cloud Dataprep on Google Cloud to design a scalable enterprise data warehouse. Geoffroy also gives us some bonus tips on how to make the most of Cloud Dataprep early on in an analytics project.

Technology Jan 10, 2023
Four Steps to Remove Analytics Waste
Accelerate decision-making by removing analytic waste.
Technology Jun 11, 2020
Automate your Google Cloud Data Warehouse on BigQuery with Cloud Dataprep
Here are all the files you need to try out this demo for yourself : The source files. The Cloud Dataprep flow – go to the flow view and im...