Matt Derda

Matt Derda is a former Director of Product & Customer Marketing at Trifacta.

People Jul 1, 2022
Trifacta Legend May 2022:
Mario Truss & Armin Meyer at Seibert Media
Mario Truss & Armin Meyer are experienced data professionals at Seibert Media, where they and their team build popular collaboration tools, ...
People Dec 23, 2020
Trifacta Legend December 2020: Alex Hardman
Alex is an avid Trifacta user and is championing Trifacta at Rezco Asset Management which was established in 1981 in South Africa with a del...
Technology Dec 8, 2020
Orchestrate Your Data Pipelines on Designer Cloud Using Plans
Why create a plan? The short answer is to operationalize and automate your data pipelines on Trifacta.
Technology Nov 15, 2020
Structured vs. Unstructured Data: What’s the Difference?
What is unstructured data? Structured? Semi structured? Structured and unstructured data affects data analysis. Learn about structured vs. u...
Technology Nov 3, 2020
Advanced Analytics vs. Business Intelligence: What’s The Difference?
What is advanced analytics? Advanced analytics is an umbrella term for analytic tools and techniques that drive business decisions.
Technology Oct 26, 2020
What Is a Customer Data Platform? A Guide to CDPs
What is a customer data platform? It's an important part of customer analytics and using business data. Learn more about CDPs.
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