Olivia Duane Adams

Olivia Duane Adams (Libby) is the chief advocacy officer (CAO) and co-founder of Alteryx, and one of only a handful of female founders to take a technology company public, along with her founding counterparts, Dean Stoecker and Ned Harding. Libby’s vision and leadership in the creation of the world’s leading data science and analytics community is a key factor in the company’s 24-year success. She is responsible for strengthening upskilling and reskilling efforts for Alteryx customers to enable a culture of analytics, scaling the presence of the Alteryx SparkED education program and furthering diversity and inclusion in the workplace Under Libby’s leadership, the Alteryx Community has grown both on- and offline, serving as an incubator for the workforce of the future and empowering all workers to become data workers, with an intentional focus on supporting diversity in analytics. As the former chief customer officer, Libby recognized early on that creating a customer-centric culture went beyond delivering a successful product experience and set out to enable a global community of passionate data lovers, where Alteryx users can solve more together, boldly step into the unknown and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Today, Libby’s passion for customers holds strong as she works closely with Alteryx users and the global analytics community on key initiatives to diversify their workforces, upskill their people and deliver meaningful outcomes and insights in our ever-changing business world. Libby spearheads the Alteryx SparkED program, which provides free software and resources to learners of all skill levels to develop the analytics skills they need to question, understand and solve with data. SparkED is empowering thousands of students and job seekers with in-demand certifications that will set them up for success in their careers and beyond. Before co-founding Alteryx, Libby held various sales, customer, and marketing roles at Strategic Mapping, Donnelley and VNU Business Media. Libby earned a bachelor’s degree from Castleton University in Vermont and is an active member of the university’s alumni association.

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Olivia Duane Adams  •  March 20, 2020
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