Fraud Detection Analytics

Technology   |   Bertrand Cariou   |   Oct 1, 2021

As businesses continue to move more of their operations online, there is a growing need for adaptive security solutions that protect data assets, improve compliance and manage risk. Having an airtight compliance and security program is critical for all enterprises. This means wrangling and growing diverse datasets for valuable analysis and insights is now a top priority. By deploying Alteryx Designer Cloud in your enterprise or organization you can greatly improve your capabilities for fraud detection analytics.

How Alteryx Designer Cloud Can Help

In today’s modern business world, fraud detection analytics is mission critical to your company’s success. Designer Cloud can deliver data-driven insights to help your enterprise or organization detect, report and prevent threats. Your company can use Designer Cloud Wrangler to:

  • Detect corporate fraud: Better understand what constitutes deviant behavior by wrangling comprehensive, complex data such as multi-party and multi-layered emails or web chats
  • Enable information security: Empower non-technical users to wrangle, investigate and clean datasets faster to keep pace with billions of security events your business encounters each day
  • Risk modeling: Ensure accurate and replicable modeling results by standardizing and quantifying structured and unstructured data types quickly
  • Improve compliance: Ensure that your company is meeting industry and government standards by tracking and isolating compliance-sensitive data
  • Designer Cloud is the most reliable and easy-to-use tool for enterprises and organizations to leverage diverse data from a variety of sources to identify anomalies and help detect fraud schemes.

Find out how Designer Cloud can help your company with fraud detection analytics. Try out free Designer Cloud today.