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Alteryx Upskilling Initiative featuring HackYourFuture

Alteryx for Good, SparkED, and Alteryx partner, Inviso by Devoteam partner to support student collaboration with Denmark nonprofit, HackYourFuture.

What's New   |   Lori Misenhimer   |   Jul 19, 2022

Students at HackMyFuture


Last week, Alteryx for Good and SparkED, in cooperation with Alteryx partner, Inviso by Devoteam concluded our joint social impact initiative, “Alteryx Masterclass.” It was Alteryx’s first year joining the collaboration where the teams hosted a training program in data analytics which served as a pilot. The training was very successful and we look forward to scaling it next year to support a broader population of learners.


Watch this video to hear from the students on their experience with the MasterClass.


At Alteryx, we believe in supporting the communities in which we live and work. Alteryx for Good, our social impact initiative, is on a mission to democratize analytics and channel the power of our workforce to unravel global challenges and accelerate progress.

“Alteryx for Good has a strong focus on workforce development and upskilling. We believe that data has the power to change the world and will continue to work alongside nonprofits like HackYourFuture to ensure everyone has equal access to education regardless of background to make the tech industry more inclusive.” – Tiffany Apczynski, Vice President, Social Impact at Alteryx.

During the six-week course, the students gained high-value skills in data analytics using Alteryx and the program was designed to empower underprivileged students with the education and training they need to build a successful career in the tech industry.

“Enabling clients and students in data analytics has always been a core activity of Inviso by Devoteam. At the same time, the know-how of working with data is in high demand in the job market at the moment. There is a lot of unfilled potential in people who do not have the necessary access to education based on their backgrounds. This combination brought Inviso by Devoteam to partner up with Alteryx and HackYourFuture to teach underprivileged groups to match the requirements for a career in data,” said Marie-Christin, Senior Data Consultant, in charge of the initiative from Inviso at Devoteam.

HackYourFuture is a programming school educating refugees, asylum seekers, and disadvantaged groups, with a focus on web development. The Alteryx Masterclass was created for HackYourFuture alumni who are still on the job hunt and wish to further expand their tech skill set to increase their job possibilities.

“SparkED empowers all learners with data analytics skills to facilitate creative questioning and problem solving. We are enabling the next generation of the global workforce to develop the capabilities they need to question, understand, and solve with data. We are excited to have been part of this impactful and important initiative, working closely with our European partners to give back to our global community.” – Nathalie Mainland, Senior Vice President, Alteryx SparkED Education Program.

Throughout the program, the students received comprehensive training in all the most important tools and functionalities in Alteryx through weekly sessions held by Inviso consultants and weekly homework support from SparkED.

“The progress the HackYourFuture students made over this six-week course has demonstrated the catalysing effect that education initiatives have with addressing the current data skills gap. The impact of the SparkED programme is best exemplified by Natalia, who has not only become Alteryx Core certified as a result, but is now empowered to continue her journey towards Advanced certification and the exciting world of data careers.” – Stephanie Wright, Education Technical Manager, Alteryx SparkED Education Program.

This collaboration gives the students a solid foundation in how to address data challenges by using Alteryx and contributes to solving current societal issues regarding both uplifting disadvantaged groups and the increasing need for skilled data professionals.

“We’re really happy about all the enthusiasm around the Masterclass from both participants and organisers from Inviso & Alteryx SparkED. It helped make the experience really smooth and that benefitted the participants in the end, which is what matters most.It’s been a pleasure to host the Masterclass with everyone so invested in it and the atmosphere in the classroom was always really energizing and positive. Having Alteryx as a skill, and an Alteryx certification on the CV will boost the chances for the participants to land their first tech jobs in Denmark and get their potential into play on the Danish job market. It’s early days still, but I heard of some people at least going through some interview rounds already, so I hope we’ll get the first good job news soon!” – Christopher Klüter, Founder, HackYourFuture

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