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Introducing Designer Cloud

What's New   |   Alteryx   |   May 14, 2020

Our goal at Alteryx is to enable every person to transform data into a breakthrough. We know that these breakthroughs require wrangling disparate data sources, whether on-premises or in the cloud. And most importantly, these breakthroughs require taking analytic insights and using them to make data-driven decisions across your organization.

To help you accelerate outcomes and deliver insights even faster, we’re excited to announce, in early access:


Designer Cloud — The intuitive, cloud native data prep, blending, and analytics solution that is accessible to anyone in the enterprise who interacts with data.


Designer Cloud is the data analytics solution that enables you to connect, clean, normalize, and output data in an easy, highly visual, code-free way and is meant for anyone who interacts with data. Using Designer Cloud, you will not only enjoy access to classic Designer Desktop building blocks but will also see performance gains through AMP and realize the power of dynamic orchestration by scaling with cloud-based compute.

In addition, to speed and power, you’ll be able to simply and efficiently access their data within your organization’s ecosystem through a robust set of database connectors. And, get to ROI in just a matter of minutes with near instant access to Designer Cloud.

Scale Access from One to Many


You’ve been asking for more flexibility in accessing analytics with Alteryx, and now, anyone can access insights through a browser, including Mac users.

Designer Cloud gives the necessary tools for analytics automation with straightforward point-and-click availability. Data workers across your organization can stay in touch with their data and transform it in minutes. No installation, no download permissions, no Windows machine limitations, and no hassle.

You’ve also asked for easier system administration. We’ve added this in so you can efficiently scale your Alteryx deployment from your first few seats into a widespread, inter-departmental analytics ecosystem leveraged by thousands of users.


Integrate with Cloud-Based Data Sources and Designer Desktop


With Designer Cloud comes new possibilities. We pair cloud innovation with the familiar, effective workflow processes that you rely on. We’re focused on maintaining the ease of use you love about Designer Desktop while enhancing your experience with modern design elements, intuitive navigation, and innovations that help you get from data to insight even faster. For Alteryx, cloud-based analytics means a future driven by powerful innovations and the ability to leverage modern frameworks in order to drive new and improved experiences.

Now, at this point you might be asking yourself, “Is this going to work with Designer Desktop?” Interoperability between Designer Desktop and Designer Cloud is at the top of our minds and is being prioritized in both the product design and how workflows function. We’re focused on maintaining the important commonalities while also leveraging our opportunities to innovate and bring you an improved experience.

To further enable interoperability between Designer Desktop and Designer Cloud, the most common tools from the pallet will be available in both solutions and be portable across applications. Whether you’re just getting started on your data analytics journey or an experienced data scientist, we’re confident that between Designer Desktop and Designer Cloud we have a solution that will meet your needs.