Introducing Early Access to the Designer Experience in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud

What's New   |   Jay Henderson   |   Nov 15, 2022

Today we are excited to announce Early Access of the easy-to-use Designer experience as part of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud. Since acquiring Trifacta earlier this year, we have envisioned bringing together Trifacta’s cloud-first, enterprise-grade capabilities with Alteryx’s best-in-class workflow and canvas in a unified platform for all of our customers’ analytics needs. With the release of Designer Cloud in Early Access, we have combined the best of Alteryx’s no-code / code-friendly Designer experience with Trifacta’s data profiling and AI-driven suggestions engine, all on a scalable, secure, and data-governed platform available from anywhere on any device.
Today, customers can already use Designer Cloud, the world’s most advanced self-service cloud data engineering platform that combines infinite scalability with strong data governance and security. Now with the Designer Cloud Early Access program, customers can see the new and re-imagined Designer experience on the Alteryx Analytics Cloud, and all of this will be coming soon to every Designer Cloud customer in Q1 2023!
Here’s what exciting about the re-imagined Designer Experience available on the Alteryx Analytics Cloud:

  • It’s easy to use and access, speeding up time to insights!
  • It’s easy to sign up for, it’s easy to get started, and it’s easy to use.

Designer Cloud Early Access brings the Designer experience our customers know and love delivered as part of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud and makes it accessible through any web browser. That means once you sign up, you can connect your data and start building workflows in minutes with no software to deploy or manage. Use any device from Macs to Chromebooks to build workflows today from anywhere. Additionally, we made it even easier to prep and blend and start identifying insightful analytics from your data in our re-imagined Designer experience.
Early Access

We’ve re-imagined the Designer experience for the cloud so you can work smarter and faster

Since acquiring Trifacta in February, Alteryx has been hard at work bringing the best of both worlds together: Designer’s drag-and-drop no-code / code-friendly experience ’s enterprise-ready cloud analytics platform with built-in data profiling and AI-driven suggestions. Now in Early Access, customers can take advantage of all of these capabilities together with the interactive results grid and workflow canvas working simultaneously to prep and blend, and analyze your data, all without having to hit the run button! This will enable you to transform your data for analysis and get your insights faster.

Early Access Designer Cloud

Optimized for cloud databases to quickly and efficiently unlock your big data from the web browser-based Designer canvas and workflow.
We know from our thousands of customer conversations that your data gravity is shifting to the cloud and you need to unlock the power of that big data, so just like the Designer Cloud product today, we’ve optimized the Designer experience in the cloud for your cloud databases, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Now you can use drag and drop Designer tools to build optimized workflows for your cloud databases, like Snowflake. Design time is interactive and powered by a smart sample of your data set. You can connect to your data set, build the analytics workflows in our canvas, and optimize for your desired business outcomes. Then for run time, the product automatically pushes the compute down to Snowflake (more databases coming soon!) with in-database processing and leveraging the elastic nature of cloud compute. Now, you can work faster and more efficiently and broaden your ability to unlock insights from big data with the Designer experience in the cloud.

Built on the award-winning and world-class Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform

Here’s the best part: the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform is a governed and secure environment. Our platform provides customers with governance, security, a wide range of connectors, and orchestration tools and capabilities that will enable you to manage access to your data across all of your connected cloud databases and build in scheduling to automate your analytics seamlessly.

On top of that, the unified platform allows you to connect your data and workflows to our other cloud products, such as Alteryx Machine Learning and Auto Insights to explore advanced analytics and drive C-level decision-making insights that are fast and easy to consume.

Early Access availability

Our Designer Cloud Early Access program is available now. This means that select Alteryx customers will be able to try out the easy to use and reimagined Designer experience built on the Alteryx Analytics Cloud before it’s more broadly available. And throughout the Early Access program, we will be adding more tools, features and data connectors on a weekly basis. If you’re interested in participating in this Early Access program, go here to sign up today.

Learn more about the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform by joining Josh van Tonder, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, at Alter.Next, Thursday, December 1. Josh will discuss how users can leverage all our cloud offerings to harness the power of advanced analytics all on one unified Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform. Save your spot here.