Technology   |   Bertrand Cariou   |   Aug 10, 2021

One of the biggest challenges facing analysts today is converting datasets in complex formats such as JSON to CSV so they can be more easily analyzed. JSON has gained tremendous popularity as a data exchange format meaning that a growing amount of data from websites, social media platforms and applications is formatted in JSON. As organizations expand their analysis efforts to include these new data sources, the painful process of converting data from the raw semi-structured JSON format to the row-and-column structure found in CSV files becomes a time-consuming bottleneck.

Designer Cloud solution for converting JSON to CSV data

Alteryx is focused on providing analysts with a more efficient and intuitive process for preparing data and converting complex data formats into the structured outputs for analysis such as JSON to CSV. Alteryx Designer Cloud provides the following benefits for analysts working with JSON data:

  • Visually explore the structure and content of JSON data without any coding
  • Quickly structure JSON data into rows and columns in a few clicks
  • Instantly output JSON to CSV, Excel or other common data formats for analysis

The process of converting raw input data such as JSON into well-structured output datasets such as CSV is one example of data wrangling. Designer Cloud is an easy-to-use software technology that allows the users to access and transform data of all shapes and sizes.

To learn more about data wrangling best practices and converting JSON to CSV, schedule some time to talk with a professional data wrangler.