Publishing Data to Snowflake Using Designer Cloud Data Quality Rules 

Technology   |   Paul Warburg   |   Oct 27, 2020

When publishing data to cloud data warehouse Snowflake for analytic use, data quality is of the utmost importance. Improperly curated data threatens the validity of the end analysis. 

Data Quality Rules in Designer Cloud accelerates the process of ensuring data quality by automatically generating a list of data quality rules for users to select from and edit. As users work, the dataset is updated in real-time to reflect the progress made toward their desired end goal. Once completed, users can save their “recipe,” or list of steps taken, and use this same recipe for any new dataset. Should any new data quality issues crop up in subsequently uploaded datasets, it only takes a few small tweaks to the original recipe for users to get back on track. 

The following demo demonstrates how to use Designer Cloud Data Quality Rules to quickly publish data to Snowflake.