Honoring Those Who Served the Cause of Freedom

What's New   |   Alteryx   |   Nov 8, 2021

In November 1919, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed 11 November as the first commemoration of Armistice Day as a way to commemorate the end of World War I. By 1938, the day was amended by Congress to be called “Veterans Day,” and in 1954, the intent of the day was broadened to honor American veterans of all wars.

Here at Alteryx, we pause as a company this year – as we do every year – to honor veterans of all nations who have served the cause of freedom. And in addition to those veterans themselves, so too we give thanks to the families and communities who have supported our veterans both during and after their years of service. While the wars for freedom are waged by those on the front lines, they are won by the countries and societies who stand together for the dignity and rights of all.

On behalf of my Alteryx colleagues who have worn the uniform, and our families and allies who support us, we thank, honor, and respect all veterans around the world who have served so that others may live in peace. To our partners who are veterans, and to our customers in government, military, and public service, it’s an honor to serve you. Thank you for your support and partnership as we celebrate Veterans Day together today.

L. David Kingsley, USNR


Note from Joshua Burkhow, Principal Evangelist, Alteryx, U.S. Marine Corps, and creator of this video.

There are many veterans out there who are having a tough time with family, work, or transitioning from military life to civilian life. Just knowing that someone is thinking about you and is authentically grateful goes a long way. We have some amazing customers who are passionate, determined, and love making an impact on each other. Some of those happen to be veterans. In this way, it’s a opportunity to show them that their passion to serve others is still not only possible, but appreciated.