Announcing the Designer Cloud 9.2 Release

What's New   |   Shyam Srinivasan   |   Apr 20, 2022

A month has passed by and it’s time for our latest software release. It’s our pleasure to share the new capabilities as part of the Designer Cloud 9.2 release. Let’s learn how we can make data work for us. 


Easier iteration on Designer Cloud recipes with Lock/Unlock Column Data Types

You can now lock or unlock the data type of columns in your data, allowing you to iterate on the recipe without constantly resetting the data types. This also helps prevent the column’s data type from being re-inferred after subsequent transformations. 

This new capability gives you the ability to define whether a column’s data type should be fixed or allowed to be inferred by the system, at various points within the transformation workflow. The capability can be initiated from multiple entry points including 1/ A single column through the Change Type column menu option within the Transformer grid; 2/ A single column through a recipe step as an option on the Change Column Type transformation; 3/ A single column through the column data type drop-down in the Data Configuration settings; and 4/ Multiple columns through a recipe step using the new Lock Column Type transformation step.

Learn more from this helpful article.

Publish Arrays to Google BigQuery

An important data type within the cloud data warehouse ecosystem is an array. Cloud data warehouses such as Google BigQuery support these arrays natively and recommend the use of nested and repeated data types to optimize space and reduce the complexity of dataset joins. 

Now you can publish arrays natively into BigQuery. This is part of our initiative to support a wide range of data types that you can publish directly onto cloud data warehouses such as BigQuery.


Faster data loading with Designer Cloud’s in-memory engine

You can now experience improved performance when you use Designer Cloud’s in-memory processing engine. With faster caching, this performance improvement executes only the incremental changes when new steps are added to the recipes.

This ability increased the number of output tables that can be cached for a recipe. The caching is configurable on a per workspace basis.


New connectors with Designer Cloud 9.2

We continue our journey to help you connect to any data source, enabling additional use cases. With Designer Cloud 9.2, we support the following new connectors:

  • Marketo: A marketing automation platform that enables marketers to manage personalized multi-channel programs and campaigns for prospects and customers.
  • SFTP support for the AWS Cloud: You can now use the SFTP connector with Designer Cloud on the AWS cloud as well. 

You can learn all about our connectivity updates here.

If you haven’t done it already, it’s a great time to sign up for a free trial with Designer Cloud. Join us today on our journey to the cloud. Lock Column Type transformation step.