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What's New Nov 21, 2021
Alteryx Software Accelerates Staffer Career Path
Gaining an edge in any field with data insights. Advice for students interested in a career in data analytics.
People Nov 1, 2021
Eryn McMorrow Connects Her Alma Mater with Alteryx SparkED Education
Eryn McMorrow shares her perspective on why it's important for organizations to have a data literate workforce to thrive in the digital age.
People Oct 13, 2021
Why is the Upskilling of Data and Analytics so Important for Government?
By providing analytics solutions that upskill information workers into data-literate knowledge workers, these knowledge workers – individu...
People Sep 30, 2021
Analytics Automation Empowers Critical Business Functions Within the DoD
See how we partnered with Northstrat to deploy innovative analytics across the DoD to ensure these organizations have the insights needed to...
What's New Sep 29, 2021
Alteryx Educator Empowers Students at University of California, Irvine
See how Alteryx SE build confidence among his students in the University of California Irvine extension program.
People Aug 3, 2021
Data Analytics Students Go Further, Faster with Alteryx
Dean West shares his experiences of learning — and loving — all things analytics.
People Jun 1, 2021
The Dangers of Calculators
Feeling technophobic? Tune in as we allay common technology fears.
People May 27, 2021
No Code, No Problem for Students Learning Data Skills
From PPP loans to Bitcoin, see how students at California State University, Fullerton, are applying data analytics to real-world challenges.
People Apr 27, 2021
Measuring Student Success Beyond the Classroom
Measures are only as good as the change they inspire. See how Boston Beyond uses data to drive improvements that lead to impact.
People Mar 16, 2021
“Turning Mere Mortals Into Data Science Superheroes”
Mark Anderson, CEO, Alteryx, talks innovation, impact, and everyday data science superheroes.  
People Feb 2, 2021
College Students Discover the Power of Data Analytics
See how a professor at University of Colorado Boulder seeks to equip his business students with critical thinking skills and the ability to ...
People Oct 6, 2020
One Goal: Using Targeted Data to Ensure Graduation. Period.
See how OneGoal is using analytics to ensure graduation is within reach for all students.