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Technology Nov 22, 2023
What’s Your CIO Archetype? Design a Data Stack that Reflects Your Leadership Style
Every CIO is dealing with unique tradeoffs, which is why it can be helpful to identify which archetype fits you.
Strategy Aug 15, 2023
AI: To Generate or Not to Generate? Research Reveals the Divide
We are past questioning if generative AI will change how we work; the questions now up for debate are how and when. 
Strategy Aug 7, 2023
How to Build a Modern Data Stack That People Can Actually Use
A modern data stack is only as good as your ability to use it, and data stacks today often miss the mark when it comes to usability. Here ar...
What's New Jul 25, 2023
From Economic Crisis to Opportunity: Accelerating ROI on Tech Investments
History has shown that the right technology investments create short-term impact while setting up organizations for long-term success.
Technology Jul 17, 2023
The Technology Fueling a Decision Division in Finance Departments
Finance professionals value speed but are hesitant to commit to automation. Is this creating more challenges in effective decision-making?
Strategy May 23, 2023
Research Reveals a Decision-Making Disconnect
80% of Enterprise Leaders Agree Access to Data Improves Decision-Making, but 64% Don’t Want to Provide Access to Data. What's Going On?
Technology May 18, 2023
Change Agents: How CIOs and CTOs Need to Drive Business Outcomes
Aren’t we all a little tired of talking about digital transformation?
Strategy Apr 24, 2023
3 Biggest Things on the Minds of Digital Transformation Leaders Right Now
I recently spent a day in a room with 30 digital transformation leaders. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall – read on! 
What's New Dec 16, 2020
What Is a Data Stack and How Does It Impact Analytics?
What is a data stack? A data stack is a coordinated set of technologies centered on a data lake or warehouse. Learn more about implementing ...