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People Jan 10, 2024
What Are Datathons and How Do They Help Teach Data Analytics?
“If you’re passionate about tackling the most interesting and critical challenges … a datathon is for you.”
People Nov 6, 2023
Transforming Cancer Treatment: A Yale Researcher’s Alteryx Breakthrough
Managing and interpreting vast amounts of data is a growing challenge for medical researchers, yet many in the field lack data-handling skil...
What's New Jun 28, 2023
Alteryx Endorses the Data Science and Literacy Act to Close the Data Skills Gap
Alteryx is endorsing this legislation and joining members of Congress to promote data skills at all levels of education.
People May 15, 2023
Data Analytics: Opening the Door to a Wealth of Career Opportunities
It is not hard to see why data analytics skills are so in demand.
People May 15, 2023
Want To Make a Difference? Become a Data Analyst
What do you want to do with your life? If you choose data analytics, the possibilities are endless.
People Dec 13, 2022
SparkED Monthly Roundup: December 2022
This month's roundup of real stories from SparkED participants.
People Nov 16, 2022
SparkED Monthly Roundup: November
A monthly roundup of real stories from SparkED participants.
People Oct 19, 2022
Sharing SparkED with My Alma Mater
Alteryx associate Mike Baum shares the SparkED program with his alma mater.
People Aug 18, 2022
Taking Data From Scrambled Eggs to a 5-Course Meal
Hear from SparkED student leader Nicolas Cajamarca on how data can become exceptionally valuable if the right tools are available.
People Jun 28, 2022
Alteryx in the Classroom
SparkED Instructor Requires Alteryx Core Certification to Pass His Course