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People Jul 5, 2023
3 Reasons Why We Need to Make Healthcare Data More Accessible
How can we find value in healthcare data and then share our insights with our patients? 
Strategy Jun 22, 2023
How Culture Can Help Banks Comply with EU Financial Regulations
How a “swiss army knife” culture helped one bank keep up with EU financial regulations.
Strategy Jun 21, 2023
ROI: Measuring the Metrics that Matter
The importance of measuring the right metrics and how organizations can get the most out of their tech investments.

Strategy May 10, 2023
Reflections from the MIT Sloan Sports & Analytics Conference
Sports Nerds, Eat Your Hearts Out
Strategy Mar 23, 2023
How Data and Analytics are Changing Golf
Michelle Wie West discusses how analytics can be leveraged in sports and business.
Strategy Feb 23, 2023
Comparing Alteryx and ACL: How Alteryx Stacks up
Alteryx and Audit Command Language (ACL) are both highly effective for data analysis, but Alteryx has a broader range of features, including...
Strategy Feb 7, 2023
How Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Leans Into Digital Change to Drive Businesses Forward
Barbara recently joined Alteryx at the Alter.Next virtual summit to discuss why data and analytics are essential to intelligent decision-mak...
Strategy Dec 1, 2022
The Often-Overlooked Answer to “What is Data Analysis?”
What is data analysis? It is much more than a mere to-do list for IT teams.
Technology Nov 15, 2022
Five Steps to Improve Your Organization’s Analytics Maturity
Here are five concrete steps you can take to move along the analytics maturity continuum.
Strategy Oct 25, 2022
The Citizen Data Scientists Hiding in Plain Sight
3 Steps to Accelerate Your Analytics Transformation.
Strategy Oct 18, 2022
A Solution for the Cloud Data Management Problem
How to deal with cloud data management? Designer Cloud was built to tackle data preparation for all types of users and for all types of data...
Strategy Sep 13, 2022
The Key Organizational Shift Accelerating Data Quality
It’s crucial to keep the 4 Cs of data quality in mind: the consistency, conformity, completeness, & currency of the data.