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    How Generative AI and Governance Help Scale Enterprise Analytics

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    New Research: What Boardroom Leaders Think About Generative AI

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    Why You Need a Centralized Data Science Team


    How CDOs Can Bridge the Analytics Gap for Data-Driven Success

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People Mar 13, 2024
McLaren’s Tech Leader Shares Winning Strategies
McLaren’s use of Alteryx is a great example of how a modern data stack can solve both the technical needs of IT and the needs of the busin...
Strategy Dec 5, 2023
The Future of AI and Humans in the Enterprise: New Research
We surveyed 2,800 data and technology leaders in nine countries to explore their visions for the enterprise of the future.
Strategy Jul 21, 2023
Cash Rules Everything: Optimizing the Order to Cash Cycle
With improved cash flow predictability, organizations can better manage their positions when times are tough and improve operational resili...
Strategy Feb 10, 2023
Why Alteryx + Tableau Are the Band Members You Need in Your Data “Supergroup”
Get powerful data visualizations and automated insights with Tableau and Alteryx.
Strategy Dec 6, 2021
5 Brilliant Ways McLaren Racing Uses Data to Meet Their Goals (That You Can Use, Too)
Learn McClaren Racing's formula for success.
Strategy Jun 15, 2021
Capitalize on Post-Pandemic Economics with Location-Based Marketing and Behavioral Marketing
See how hyper-targeted marketing solutions can bridge the gap between the online and offline world and provide a personalized experience on ...
Technology Aug 13, 2020
Identifying HR and Security Vulnerabilities Through Advanced Analytics
For those who work in sensitive areas of government, there is always a delicate balance between security, ethics, and privacy. Does your...
Strategy Apr 7, 2020
Coronavirus Data Visualizations + How Charts Lie
Who do you trust when charts lie? Here's a look at some data visualizations of the coronavirus (COVID-19) that tell the pandemic story.