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    Believe the Hype: Real-World Data on Generative AI Adoption and Perception

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    Automating BI: Breaking Down Bottlenecks with Artificial Intelligence

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    Why You Need a Centralized Data Science Team

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Technology Nov 4, 2022
Analytics Maturity in Finance: A Journey, Not a Destination
Make sure to cover these four areas while preparing for your journey to analytics maturity in the office of finance. 
People Oct 26, 2022
Inspiring Stories from Inspiring Women
How data has changed the lives, careers, and even the trajectory of countries.
Strategy Mar 21, 2022
How to Succeed with Analytics Democratization
How to implement a company-wide digital initiative to democratize analytics and make it successful.
Technology Mar 21, 2022
5 Burning Questions Answered
Catch the quick recap of Alter.Next 2022 and see what data and analytics leaders are focusing on.
Strategy Jan 25, 2022
How to Excel as a Business Analyst
The role of a business analyst is as dynamic as the data they handle. Evolve, adjust, pivot, and adapt to lead the pack.
Technology Jun 20, 2021
How to Avoid Common ETL Challenges
If you’re someone who regularly finds themselves examining and analyzing data, you’ve likely heard of, and probably performed, ETL. Watc...
People May 8, 2020
How to Close the Analytic Divide
In addition to the longstanding “digital divide,” a new disparity is quickly emerging: the “analytic divide.” Are you ready?
Technology Mar 19, 2020
Let’s Talk: Analytics, Taxes, and Chicken Sandwiches
A juicy analytics solution that's putting time back into tax professionals' days. 
What's New May 20, 2019
Data-Wrangling: Darum geht es
Von den Rohdaten zur Analyze: Vielleicht haben Sie den Ausdruck Data-Wrangling in diesem Kontext schon gelesen. Doch wofür steht er?