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How AI is Transforming Alteryx

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    How Generative AI and Governance Help Scale Enterprise Analytics

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    New Research: What Boardroom Leaders Think About Generative AI

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    Why You Need a Centralized Data Science Team


    How CDOs Can Bridge the Analytics Gap for Data-Driven Success

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Strategy Dec 5, 2023
The Future of AI and Humans in the Enterprise: New Research
We surveyed 2,800 data and technology leaders in nine countries to explore their visions for the enterprise of the future.
Strategy Aug 15, 2023
AI: To Generate or Not to Generate? Research Reveals the Divide
We are past questioning if generative AI will change how we work; the questions now up for debate are how and when. 
Technology May 18, 2023
Change Agents: How CIOs and CTOs Need to Drive Business Outcomes
Aren’t we all a little tired of talking about digital transformation?
People May 17, 2023
Advice From a CDO: Why People Are Such an Important Part of Digital Transformation
State Street Global Advisors’ Chief Digital Officer shares how he navigates change management on a global scale.
Technology May 15, 2023
The Hard Facts About Soft Skills in Data Analytics
What’s your image of the typical data scientist? Male? Young? Works in isolation? It’s time to challenge this stereotype.
Strategy Mar 23, 2023
How Data and Analytics are Changing Golf
Michelle Wie West discusses how analytics can be leveraged in sports and business.
Technology Mar 5, 2023
Four Ways Intelligent ESG Data can Transform Your Business
There has never been a better time to consider the benefits that ESG dataset automation can bring.
Strategy Jan 30, 2023
The Wild West of ESG Reporting and Analysis: Why is Managing ESG Data so Challenging?
The pressure is growing on organizations to better integrate the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ethos into strategy and decisio...
Technology Jan 9, 2023
Top 5 Analytics Blogs of 2022
We crunched the numbers, and here are the top 5 analytics blogs of 2022.
Technology Dec 30, 2022
Is Your Organization “Gaming” Supply Chain Planning?
In this guest blog by KPMG, you'll learn how to re-evaluate your supply chain planning practices to manage supply shortfalls.