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Technology Aug 27, 2022
How to Find Data Analytics Tools that Partner with Data Preparation
Data preparation is crucial and central to the data analytics process. Learn about how to find data analytics tools to partner with data pre...
Technology Aug 22, 2022
Automate Your Data Pipeline from AWS S3 to Snowflake
Automate Your Data Pipeline from AWS S3 to Snowflake. You don't need to spend time writing code to automate your data pipeline between AWS a...
Technology Jun 25, 2022
Data Integration & Cloud Data Analytics: Some Things Change, Others Stay the Same
Data integration is the process of gathering data from multiple locations and combining it into one view. It’s the process of consolidatin...
Technology May 5, 2022
How to Standardize Data in Excel
Normalizing data improves dataset organization and prepares data for analysis. Learn how to normalize data and why it’s better with Altery...
Technology Apr 11, 2022
The Power of the Merge: Bringing Together The Best of Data and Analytics
The powerful combination of Trifacta and Alteryx brings together Trifacta’s game-changing integrations and cloud-native capabilities with ...
Technology Apr 1, 2022
How Can Business and Finance Teams Use AI?
See how business and finance teams can do more (and work less) with AI in their corner.
Technology Mar 30, 2022
How to Sort Data in Google Sheets
Looking to sort and filter your datasets? Sorting data helps keep a dataset organized and prepares it for analysis. Learn how to sort data i...
Technology Mar 28, 2022
Accelerating Insights: McLaren Formula 1 Racing and Federal OIG Audits
The world of audit in the OIG for Federal agencies might not move at the same speed found on F1 racetracks, but the ability to quickly harne...
Technology Mar 1, 2022
25 Questions to Ask Your Analytics Vendor Before You Buy
Here are the top questions you ask should before you commit to a self-service analytics solution.
What's New Feb 28, 2022
Automate AWS ETL
With Designer Cloud's no-code interface, any AWS ETL efforts can easily and quickly be accomplished by data executives without IT reliance.
Technology Feb 22, 2022
Data Aggregation Tools
What is data aggregation and how are data aggregation tools useful?
Technology Feb 2, 2022
Data Extraction In Excel vs. Modern Solutions
Data extraction is part of the data preparation process that businesses use. Learn about extracting data in Excel vs. other solutions.