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Companies of all sizes recognize the tremendous potential for data, but many struggle to turn it into actionable insights that improve business results. The legacy approach to analytics slows organizations down, requires costly software and too many specific tools used by too many uniquely skilled people.

Alteryx is a leader in Analytic Process Automation (APA). The Alteryx APA Platform™ unifies analytics, data science and business process automation in one easy-to-use platform to accelerate digital transformation. Every data worker, regardless of technical acumen, is empowered to be curious and solve problems. With our platform, they can find and understand what information is at their disposal, analyze data from more sources and easily deliver business insights.

Our award-winning end-to-end platform converges three key pillars of automation and digital transformation – data, processes and people – to enable the democratization of data, automation of business processes and the upskilling of people for quick wins and transformative outcomes. Instead of implementation to outcomes taking months or years, APA drives transformative outcomes in days or weeks. Users start with the business case and quickly create analytics, data science and process automation outcomes, without the requirements of a specialized skillset. The result is faster insights and business impact, fully automated business processes and the ability to rapidly upskill.

Every day, hundreds of businesses realize significant gains from the Alteryx APA platform. Thousands of customers around the world trust and depend on our platform. They include many of the world's largest and best-known brands, including Audi, Experian, McDonald's, Unilever, and Vodafone. Every day, they see the benefit of unified analytics and are realizing top-line growth optimization, bottom-line returns, efficiency gains and the perpetual upskilling of their modern workforces.

Our Founders

Dean Stoecker

Dean Stoecker

Executive Chairman of the Board
Dean founded Alteryx in 1997 and led the company as CEO through October 2020, achieving solid organic growth, and a successful IPO in March 2017.

Dean Stoecker

Executive Chairman of the Board

Dean Stoecker is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board. Dean founded Alteryx in 1997 and led the company as CEO through October 2020, achieving solid organic growth, and a successful IPO in March 2017. Dean’s leadership and motivational skills, along with his ability to create, communicate, and realize a vision, were a driving force behind the company’s 20+ year success.

The company’s performance since going public in 2017 is a direct result of the company’s ability to execute on delivering a transformational experience to customers of all sizes, and Dean’s unique vision and strategy around empowering every worker, regardless of technical acumen, to transform their data into actionable insights and drive meaningful business impact.

Dean serves as advisor to entrepreneurs and is an active philanthropist, creating the Alteryx for Good program to bring the thrill of solving real-world problems to nonprofits, educators, and local communities. Dean is passionate about humanizing the world of data science and analytics, which is evident in the company’s culture, extensive resources for continued education, and efforts to influence social change. 

Before co-founding Alteryx, Dean held various sales and business leadership roles at Strategic Mapping and Dun & Bradstreet. Dean earned his MBA from Pepperdine University and his undergraduate degree in international business from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Libby Adams

Olivia Duane Adams

Chief Advocacy Officer
Libby is focused on strengthening upskilling efforts for customers to enable a culture of analytics, scaling the presence of Alteryx in academia and furthering diversity and inclusion in the technology space.

Olivia Duane Adams

Chief Advocacy Officer

Olivia Duane Adams (Libby) is the chief advocacy officer (CAO) and co-founder of Alteryx, and one of only a handful of female founders to take a technology company public, along with her founding counterparts, Dean Stoecker and Ned Harding. Libby’s vision and leadership in the creation of the world’s leading data science and analytics community is a key factor in the company’s 24-year success. She is responsible for strengthening upskilling efforts for Alteryx customers to enable a culture of analytics, scaling the presence of Alteryx in academia and furthering diversity and inclusion in the technology space.

Under Libby’s leadership, the Alteryx Community has grown both on- and offline, serving as an incubator for the workforce of the future and empowering all workers to become data workers, with an intentional focus on supporting diversity in analytics. As the former chief customer officer, Libby recognized early on that creating a customer-centric culture went beyond delivering a successful product experience and set out to enable a global community of passionate data lovers, where Alteryx users can solve more together, boldly step into the unknown and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Today, Libby’s passion for customers holds strong as she works closely with Alteryx users and the larger analytics community on key initiatives to diversify their workforces, upskill their people and deliver meaningful outcomes and insights in our ever-changing business world.

Before co-founding Alteryx, Libby held various sales, customer, and marketing roles at Strategic Mapping, Donnelley and VNU Business Media.

Libby earned a bachelor’s degree from Castleton University in Vermont and is an active member of the university’s alumni association.


Ned Harding

Ned Harding

Founding Partner and Advisor
Ned is the technology innovator behind the speed and capacity of the Alteryx engine and the creator of the self-service data analytics workflow. He currently serves as an advisor to our engineering teams.

Ned Harding

Founding Partner and Advisor

Ned Harding is a founding partner of Alteryx and was Vice President and Chief Technology Officer until July of 2018. In this role, he was responsible for developing technologies that improved the speed and capacity of the Alteryx platform and the creation of the self-service data analytics workflow. 

Ned has also developed proprietary compression algorithms that are estimated to have reduced the number of data CDs required for the 2000 U.S. Census audit from approximately 900 discs to 70. He has also led the development teams of core technologies for desktop and web-based count and fulfillment engines for large, record-level databases, including Experian’s 650-million-record National Vehicle database.

Before co-founding Alteryx, Ned was a senior software engineer at Qualitative Marketing Software, Inc. (QMSoft), a developer and manufacturer of database and turnkey direct marketing solutions, where he was the lead developer of several industry-leading products, including GeoStan and InfoStan. QMS was acquired by Group 1 Software, which was later acquired by Sagent Technology, then Pitney Bowes in 1999.

Ned attended Simon’s Rock of Bard College in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, a landmark in the early college movement, and the nation’s only college of liberal arts and sciences specifically designed for students of high school age.

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Our corporate headquarters is in Irvine, Calif. and our development center is in Broomfield, Colo. We are rapidly growing and have regional offices in Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Dallas, Toronto, São Paulo, London, Munich, Prague, Kyiv, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai and Sydney. More than 1,400 associates and 400+ partners around the world remain true to the vision and passion of our three founders, who continue to hold prominent and active roles in our company.

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