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Alteryx Advocacy

A network of Innovative stars emboldened by a Visionary data mission

Alteryx Innovator

An Innovator is an Alteryx customer who lives to discover, who hears business problems and builds workflows in their head to solve them. Our Innovators love sharing their experience and inspiring others to level up their analytics.

Alteryx Visionary

A Visionary is an Alteryx customer who leads the data & analytics strategy for their line of business or enterprise. Visionaries envision tomorrow with the foresight and understanding that the power of self-service analytics is the future of business growth and sustainability.


The Innovator program provided me a platform to share my story and inspire others. Inspiring others inspires me! The program has introduced me to so many amazing Alteryx users. This community is truly the best.

Ian Reed, Director, Digital Analytics

Signet Jewelers

Being an Alteryx Innovator has given me new opportunities to not only share my love of Alteryx with others, but be part of an incredible group of like-minded individuals that I can network with, learn from, and innovate with.

Sarah Roberts, Product Developer, Data and Analytics

BlueCrossBlueShield NC

Along with all the learning and inspiration I have gained through being an Alteryx Innovator, it has provided me with the opportunity to, hopefully inspire others.

Dave Elliott,  Solutions and Data Innovation Manager

Mayborn Group

My experience as an Alteryx Innovator has allowed me to broaden my community of Alteryx gurus who are making significant business impacts using Analytics Process Automation.

Heather Harris,  Practice Director, Data & Science & Analytics



The Advocacy Program

Alteryx Innovator Program

The Alteryx Innovator program is a collaborative global network of customers and partners who go above and beyond with the Alteryx platform and share their accomplishments. Whether it’s replacing your personal, department, or organization’s manual processes with analytics automation, or impacting how your organization grows, we are thrilled to highlight your work and personal brand as you help grow and influence ours.



  • First access to Alteryx product roadmaps
  • Access to a best-in-class peer network
  • Exclusive Innovator events
  • Uniquely branded swag
  • Points earning system for your love of Alteryx
  • A platform to boost your professional brand

Alteryx Visionary Program

The Alteryx Visionary program is a global and collaborative network of data & analytics-driven business leaders. Comprised of Alteryx customers, Visionaries exemplify foresight and leadership in data literacy & democratization. The Visionary program allows for the breakdown of industry walls by enabling a culture of knowledge sharing which fosters networking, inspiration and creativity.




  • Leadership networking on a global scale
  • Opportunities to highlight your strategies in Tier 1 media
  • Exclusive events featuring thought-provoking topics
  • VIP seating & access at Alteryx in-person events

Join the Advocacy Program

Program members are:

  • Current Alteryx customers
  • Collaborators who help their organization upskill in the Alteryx platform
  • Champions of data democratization who drive impactful and quantifiable business results

You select your own journey, and activities are designed to fit your needs. Do you like to collaborate and educate, share your experiences in private reference calls, or do you love the data & analytics spotlight? Whether you’re a citizen data scientist transforming from manual to automated analytics or a leader enabling data democratization, we welcome all personalities and experience levels in the Alteryx Advocacy program.


Become an Alteryx Advocate



Can I participate in the Alteryx Advocacy program if my company has opted out of publicity and logo usage?

Yes! You design your own journey tailored to your needs. We fully appreciate corporate communication policies and have built a program that allows everyone a chance to participate. For example, you could participate in private calls with prospects to share your experiences with Alteryx, or get permission from your company for a single public event, webinar, or story.

How is the ACE program different from the Advocacy program?

The Alteryx ACE Program recognizes certified analytics experts and community advocates who strive for excellence, collaboration, and innovation in the global community. Find out more here.

The Innovator and Visionary programs are for customers who have experienced business success with Alteryx and are willing to publicly share their stories. Don’t worry, the two aren’t mutually exclusive: an ACE can also participate as an Innovator or Visionary depending upon their role and experience, and vice versa.

Can my company have more than one advocate?

Yes! The variety of the program means your entire team will benefit from being an Innovator. In fact, if you are growing a data community at your company, think of the Innovators as an extension of that community – providing helpful tips and tricks to help it thrive!

I’m an Alteryx partner. Can I participate in the Advocacy program?

We actively encourage Alteryx Partners to apply for our Innovator & Visionary programs!

What is the expected time commitment?

Innovators: You design your own journey and decide on time spent advocating based on the activities you wish to participate in. However, the more you give, the more you get, and active participation really is the name of the game!

Visionaries: We understand demanding schedules, and only ask for an initial 30-minute meeting to learn more about your work, journey and personality. Our exclusive quarterly virtual events are 1 hour and not mandatory, but topics are sourced directly from our Visionary members to ensure relevance and value.

What activities can Innovators participate in and what awards will I earn?

From sharing content on social media, writing a review, leading a webinar or participating in video testimonials, there really is something for everyone. Each activity is assigned points to redeem through our Innovator portal – Crowdvocate. You can keep track of your points, check out your rating on the Innovator leaderboard and discover other live activities via the portal. It is free to sign up and takes a matter of minutes.