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All In with Regis

Regis Lamini, Head of Data- Finance DTSI at Orange, shares what “data for all” means to him. It’s about demystifying da...

State Street

All In with Jet

Digital transformation sounds like a technology project, until it’s not. Listen to Jet Lali, Head of Digital Marketing at S...

Global manufacturing organization

All In with Francis

From being introduced to Alteryx by a friend, to upskilling tax professionals across the enterprise, Francis is All In with A...

Caisse d’Epargne Hauts de France

All In with Benoit

Benoit likens the data manager to an orchestra conductor, learn how he was able to harmonize enterprise-wide transformation w...

RCI Bank and Services

RCI Bank and Services Transforms Data Management with Alteryx and Drives Businesses Forward

Discover how RCI Bank and Services Spain has achieved to automatically manage more than 200,000 emails per year with a 90% ac...

Coca-Cola Company

Taste The Feeling: Coca Cola + Alteryx

Over 1.9 billion Coca-Cola beverages are enjoyed daily around the globe.