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Your New Looker Studio Superpower

Prepare data for dashboards up to 10x faster

Designer Cloud makes it easy to connect to new data sources and prepare them for use in Looker Studio.

Connect. Prep. Done.

Connect to new data

Connect to Looker Studio’s most highly requested data sources – including Excel, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and more.

Prep in minutes

Intuitive, no-code data preparation makes it easy to send clean data to your Looker Studio dashboards.

Automate with ease

Keep your dashboards up-to-date with automated data pipelines – from data source to Looker Studio.


Bring Your Data to Looker

Using Designer Cloud’s native integration with Looker Studio, you can bring your favorite data sources into your dashboards – including Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more.


Build Your Dashboards Faster

Data preparation is the most time-consuming part of building a dashboard. Designer Cloud makes the entire process up to 10x faster – with intuitive, no-code data prep – so you can focus on insights, not cleaning data.


Automate Your Insights

Keep your Looker Studio dashboards fresh with up-to-date data. Designer Cloud is the only tool you need to automate data pipelines to Looker Studio – from source, to data prep, to destination.


Adopting Designer Cloud has helped us cut our delivery times by 50 percent, even while the company was scaling.

Genomics England

Thomas Oscroft, Head of Data Operations

Genomics England

Alteryx's solution enables us to alleviate bottlenecks in our cloud data pipelines.


Nir Kushnir, Chief Revenue Officer


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Designer Cloud brought a new level of productivity to the way our analyst and IT teams explore diverse data and define analytic requirements.


Ben Sokol, Data Integration Analyst


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