Jenn Ho Graphic Designer, Alteryx

Jenn Ho

Jennifer Ho is a graphic designer by day and cut paper artist by night. She is especially influenced and inspired by her many adventures around the world as well as by her Taiwanese culture. She adopted the art of cutting paper by hand and created her own style of art and design. She has been the art director at a local magazine as well as a branding guru for over 20,000 members communicating with clients and project managers alike.

She is the owner of jhomade, llc, which is her creative house powered by coffee and dogs, sharing in her passion for design and hand-cut paper. She is a visual problem solver using concepts and media to inform, direct, promote, entertain, engage, and educate targeted audiences. Jennifer is an avid runner, coffee, and chocolate addict and crazy dog mom of three who loves to travel, explore, and eat delicious cuisine.

Jennifer loves to share her designs in hopes of creating more smiles from seeing the world in its raw beauty with a ho bunch o' stuff. Follow her work on Instagram and shop-ready designs on Etsy.