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With over 54 million data workers worldwide, the era of digital transformation has already begun. But unlocking success in your company’s digital initiatives requires an understanding of why and how today’s processes are antiquated.

Watch this webinar to hear Alteryx CDAO Alan Jacobson share his insights on IDC’s latest survey, State of Data Science and Analytics. Jacobson will reveal his own analytic journey and unpack IDC’s latest survey findings. Watch to learn:

  • The top challenges facing data workers
  • Why 44% of data workers’ time is wasted every week
  • Alteryx Chief Data Analytics Officer’s insight to addressing the skill gap in organizations
  • The next steps to successfully embark on your own analytic journey

Don’t miss this great opportunity to position yourself at the forefront of today’s digital transformation.


  • Alan-Jacobson
    Alan Jacobson

    Chief Data and Analytics Officer

“Data workers that use spreadsheets are spending 60% of their work week (24 hours) in spreadsheets.”  

— “The State of Data Science and Analytics,” IDC