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Alteryx + Blue Prism

Region: Global
Partner Tier: Premier


Scale outcomes across the business with intelligent automation

Enable end-to-end automation and intelligent decisions, even with legacy systems, with the combined power of the Alteryx Analytic Automation Platform™ and Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Maximize the value of your data by extending analytic automation with intelligent RPA. Now, it’s easy to get actionable information for improved decision-making and smarter business outcomes.


Analyze Hard-to-reach Data

Alteryx provides 80+ data connectors, but every organization has data sources without APIs. Don’t send a person, instead Blue Prism’s digital workers can extract data and provide it to Alteryx. Now, even data from the most challenging systems can be a part of automated analytics.


Automate Analytic Actions

Alteryx works in parallel with Blue Prism’s digital workers to automate complex analytics in data-driven processes. You get a more resilient and trustworthy result, and more sophisticated, successful decisions courtesy of code-free AutoML capabilities from Alteryx.

Alteryx + Blue Prism in Action

Automation with Alteryx APA and Blue Prism RPA works across industries, departments, and use cases—from financial forecasting to supply chain planning to associate onboarding. Here are just a few examples.

Office of Finance

  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Accounting close process
  • State tax apportionment
  • Continuous auditing automation
  • Order-to-cash

Public Sector

  • Enrollment
  • Eligibility determination
  • Case management
  • Anti-fraud processes

Supply Chain

  • Demand and supply planning
  • Inventory management and planning
  • Invoice and contract management
The Alteryx + Blue Prism Difference

Simplify Data Collection, Prep, And Blending
Gather data even from traditionally challenging places, like the web or legacy systems. Then, easily prepare and analyze it, with code-free analytic automation building blocks.

Make Process Automation More Intelligent
Effortlessly put analytics, data science, and machine learning models to work in your business, as digital workers act on key decisions and turn them into automated business processes.

Accelerate Processes and Outcomes
Personalized outcomes are automatically distributed to stakeholders. Meanwhile, digital workers free up human time for high-value work, by receiving outcomes, acting on decisions, and returning data to the enterprise.


Get the Blue Prism Connector

Discover the combined power of Analytic Process Automation (APA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the Blue Prism Connector for Alteryx.


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