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Alteryx + Microsoft

Alteryx + Microsoft deliver a unique combination of technologies that enable those who work with data to gain deeper insights and deliver faster decisions. With Alteryx, data professionals amplify the value they receive from of a broad range of Microsoft products, including Azure, Excel, SQL Server, and Power BI. By leveraging this partnership, you can easily integrate cloud data for analytics, perform advanced analytics with Microsoft Azure, create analytic datasets with in-database blending for SQL Server and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and quickly discover, blend, and analyze data from all of your data sources for consumption at scale in Power BI.

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Customer Case Study: VeraData

Learn how VeraData, a decision science company that helps clients make better marketing decisions, leverages the power of Microsoft Azure with Alteryx. By utilizing the two platforms together, VeraData reduces by one-tenth the time it takes to generate strategic insights, creates and shares datasets more quickly using repeatable and automated workflows, and scales and delivers data output in less time by leveraging the massive parallel processing power of the cloud.

Customer Case Study: Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation faces common logistics challenges: moving goods to an ever-expanding marketplace, fluctuating fuel and fleet costs, infrastructure, and the constant expectation to transport faster. Data can help, but it resides in silos requiring manual manipulation. That takes time, and operational data in separate systems means complex reporting and poor business visibility. Learn how Alteryx and Power BI help Knight overcome these problems and operate more efficiently.

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