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The Analytics Cloud meets the Data Cloud.

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A unified analytics stack, built for all

The Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform is designed to work seamlessly
and powerfully with the Snowflake Data Cloud in a unified, accessible stack.
Together, Snowflake and Alteryx deliver both the infrastructure
and the interface to power analytics for all.

Simplify Your Analytics Stack

You can use Alteryx as a no-code and code-friendly interface for working with Snowflake at every step of the analytics journey. Alteryx provides a full spectrum of analytics capabilities, from prep and blend to AI and machine learning. Meanwhile, Snowflake provides access to powerful compute resources and centralized data.

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Enable Self-Service At Every Step

Alteryx makes unlocking insights from data in Snowflake accessible to employees across all skill sets and functions. From connecting to the data, to building machine learning models, Alteryx and Snowflake empower users to access the full data pipeline quickly and securely.

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Solve Your Specific Industry Problems

Snowflake and Alteryx both know your industry. With vertical-specific solutions from retail, to telecom, to manufacturing, we start with your business problem and work from there.

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Scale Your Insights and Make It Speedy

Alteryx integrates deeply with Snowflake, enabling pushdown of data processing to Snowflake, speeding up workflows, and scaling to thousands of users. We give you flexible options for transforming data in Snowflake:

  • In-database: Execute SQL pushdown with no-code tools in Designer (process the data directly in Snowflake)
  • Snowpark: Define custom analytic building blocks in Alteryx that push processing directly to Snowflake
  • Automatic pushdown in Designer Cloud: When connected to Snowflake in Designer Cloud, the workflow automatically executes in Snowflake, no extra steps needed.

Alteryx’s versatility and rich functionality allows programmers, IT analysts, statisticians and data scientists to work in tandem with citizen data scientists.

Allison Lucas, Manager of Global Operations, Business Intelligence


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As clients evolve in this industry, the capabilities that Snowflake and Alteryx provide will enable us to do great things and serve them better.

Steve Konkol, Data, Analytics and Reporting Leader

CUNA Mutual Group

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We run into all sorts of different ways clients want to see data, and having Alteryx and Snowflake allows us to be flexible and creative on what we deliver at the end of the day.

Lauren Gess, Director

Health Care Program Advisors

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DIY Data: How Anyone Can Automate Data Pipelines Without Writing Code

Best Practices for Using Alteryx with Snowflake

How to set up, connect, load, and integrate data and workflows to get the most out of Alteryx + Snowflake.

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Alteryx + Snowflake Starter Kit

This Starter Kit will jumpstart your integration with Snowflake and Alteryx by utilizing in-database and bulk loading capabilities.

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Podcast: Machine Learning Made Easy

Listen now to hear about how you can combine Alteryx and Snowflake to get started with AI use cases.

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