Alteryx Designer Hosted Trial with Snowflake

Begin your free trial with the leading solution for data prep, blending, and analytics.

Analytic Apps Starter Kit

Pair your data and the powerful processing engine from Snowflake with easy-to-use analytic building blocks from Alteryx. Offering both SQL and no-SQL options, Alteryx accelerates your time to insight. Many Alteryx building blocks can push in-database processing down to Snowflake to reduce processing time.


Features & Capabilities

Speed Insight with Analytic Automation

Drag-and-drop building blocks, repeatable workflows, and visualizations throughout the entire analytic process help you develop insights faster.

Full Spectrum of Analytics

Complete suite of analytics and data science capabilities, including data prep and blend, diagnostic, spatial (location), machine learning, and predictive modeling.

Connect and Share without Limitations

Alteryx Designer connects to nearly every type of data source–on-premises or cloud-based–to ensure you get the entire picture. Share your insights in the right format for your organization–Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, PDF, database, or business-ready report.


Alteryx & Snowflake

As your organization grows, collecting and storing more data, your solutions can scale to provide access to data across an organization while giving you the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead and make fast, data-driven decisions.