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Alteryx + Bots: The formula for better outcomes.

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Eliminate Manual Hand-Offs

Automate your processes end-to-end, spanning both operational activities and the
data pipelines that inform them. Alteryx brings analytic intelligence to UiPath bots,
and UiPath connects Alteryx analytics to every byte of data in your organization.



Make Your Bots Brilliant

UiPath bots mimic human gestures in software interfaces, and sometimes knowing the right next action requires understanding the data coming from that interface. With Alteryx, UiPath bots receive analytic outcomes and decision assistance from Alteryx machine-learning models.

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Acquire All the Data

lteryx provides 80+ data connectors, but what about data without APIs? Accessing that data requires labor-intensive, repetitive tasks — which is exactly what UiPath’s bots excel at. Now UiPath can fetch data for Alteryx and deliver Alteryx analytic outcomes to any system.

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The Alteryx + UiPath Difference

  • Make process automation more intelligent with UiPath bots acting on Alteryx machine-learning decisions
  • Simplify data prep, blending, and analysis for even hard-to-reach data
  • Accelerate processes and outcomes, freeing your team from repetitive manual work

We are constantly pushing for faster and more precise decision-making, leveraging advanced analytics and hyperautomation to give us a real competitive advantage throughout our operations. We leverage both Alteryx and UiPath to achieve our business transformation ambitions.

Brandi Corbello, Senior Director, Business Transformation

Cushman and Wakefield


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