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We’re in the middle of an unprecedented shift

As analytics have become critical imperatives for every digital transformation journey, organizations are acknowledging the importance of upskilling employees to cope with the changing nature of processes and work.


Upskilling programs can help discerning data-driven businesses build an internal pool of talented data workers who have the skills, desire, knowledge and analytical skills to be successful. These programs, while future-proofing your growth for now, are lifelines for employees.


  • 74% of CEOs taking part in PwC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey said that a lack of availability of the right skills is a concern.

  • Only 18% of CEOs said they have made “significant progress” in “establishing an upskilling program that develops a mix of soft, technical and digital skills.”

  • Only one in three employees feel that they have been given the opportunity by their employer to develop the digital and transferable skills they need.

Source: PwC: Talent trends 2020, findings from PwC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey.

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While teams across your organization are already facing these challenges through analytics and data science employee resource groups (ERG), we’ve created a complimentary, value-added program to help provide additional guidance and support from experienced professionals leading the industry.


People + Analytics is an Alteryx program dedicated to helping you advance a culture of analytics throughout your organization by supporting your analytics Employee Resource Groups efforts already in place. The strategy is twofold:

  1. Upskill employees to bring together the collective intelligence of your talented workforce

  2. Encourage diversity both through and within analytics and data science for positive impact on top and bottom line performance

Through a virtual meeting or an in-person 60-90 minute session, these workshops will guide you with resources for leaders who are upskilling employees, and how you can get started or continue the work you’re already doing by providing tools and strategies for people to advocate for themselves. You’ll also hear about Libby’s journey as one of the top female executives in the industry.


Include Alteryx as a Thought Leader for Your Program


Libby Duane Adams, analytics evangelist and one of the preeminent voices in the data analytics industry, along with additional Alteryx thought leaders, is available to speak to your organization on the following topics:

  • Upskilling of employees to enable a culture of analytics and data science

  • Career development, including data science and analytics for knowledge workers

  • Building a diverse team to enable value-driven analytics

Olivia Duane Adama

Olivia (Libby) Duane Adams


As Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and co-founder of Alteryx, Libby is responsible for overseeing and maximizing the complete customer experience to ensure Alteryx delivers the most superior offering available in the market. She is passionate about mentoring others to be inspired by and follow a career in analytics; and is proud of the Alteryx “Women of Analytics” initiative, which aims to empower and bring awareness to the importance of diversity in STEM globally as well as improving top and bottom line performance for companies.


Why is it Important?


Upskilling demonstrates a commitment to your people, builds an inclusive culture, and attracts and retains talent — all of which drive sustainable performance improvement.


By making good-faith efforts to upskill your employees builds trust and that in turn can enhance the organization’s reputation in a world where trust is an increasingly valuable commodity.

60% of organizations with the most advanced upskilling programs say they see a clear improvement in corporate culture.


According to PwC: Talent trends 2020, findings from PwC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey shows that:


  • Those organizations with the most advanced upskilling programs saw three times the improvement in innovation and accelerated digital transformation.

  • 20% of CEOs said their upskilling program is reducing skills gaps and mismatches.

Continuous upskilling will ensure that employees are ready for the now and the future of work.



The evolution of Alteryx showed that the path to excellence is nonlinear, with a seemingly endless series of peaks and valleys. It inspired me to discover and pursue my own path while supporting others on theirs. I am grateful to have Alteryx as a partner in our shared success journey.

Business Analyst

Fortune 500 Healthcare Company


One Community


A mindset of agile learning will also be needed on the part of workers as they shift from the routines and limits of today’s jobs to new, previously unimagined futures.


Alteryx is home to the most engaged Community in the industry that is based on fun, real world analytics challenges that also test users as they develop analytics prowess.


Knowing that we all learn in different ways, your employees can find a variety of learning pathways — through group solving weekly challenges for real world analytics, podcasts, interactive lessons, and free Alteryx certifications — with all upskilling leading to personal satisfaction and growth while making a profound difference for your team.


Visit our Alteryx Academy, where your employees can dive into new analytics techniques with FREE lessons that incorporate videos, hands-on activities, and quizzes to assess and upskill your knowledge.


Your employees can give their minds a workout with our weekly data challenge — we provide the datasets; they share their solution — and summit the ranks of our Community!


Your teams are not alone on your analytics journey. Our Virtual Solution Center (VSC) allows anyone to connect with Alteryx solution experts in real-time. We have a team of expert Alteryx users standing by, ready to help your employees solve new analytic challenges, offer use cases and suggestions, and help them leverage the power of Alteryx now, when we’re all faced with more complex problems to solve.


Give your people the power today.


To learn more about this program, please contact your Alteryx account representative or email: [email protected].