Alteryx Server

Scale, share, and automate analytic processes



Deploy, Automate, and Share Analytic Outcomes

Scale, share, and govern your analytic workflow processes, models,  and data with Alteryx Server. Create analytic workflows with Alteryx Designer, and publish them to Alteryx Server to schedule automated reporting and outcomes.

Built-in data governance, centrally-managed security, and high availability allow organizations to scale analytics across departments and organization-wide.

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Find and repurpose established analytic assets

Use your organization’s Gallery to identify and access relevant trusted reports, dashboards, apps, and workflows. Accomplish more together by reusing analytic assets that your team has already built and validated — driving further efficiency gains.​

Server screenshot

Scale enterprise and department-wide

As your organization drives digital transformation with more users, data, and analytic processes, Alteryx Server provides a flexible architecture that scales with your analytics. Schedule analytic processing workflows to deliver outcomes automatically to BI dashboards, enterprise systems, data lakes, RPA systems, Excel,  documents, and more.  ​

By deploying Alteryx Server on premises, in the cloud,  or on hybrid infrastructures, organizations are orchestrating workflows to run at scale, all within a governed and fault-tolerant enterprise platform.

Server screenshot
Server screenshot

Share, collaborate, and create 

Create, publish, and share analytic workflows and outcomes created with Alteryx Designer. Enable users with permissions to share and update workflows or develop rich analytic apps that can be delivered across the organization.

Alteryx can also be extended through the Alteryx SDK to create customizations and add-ons such as new data connectors, new automation building blocks, and more. Easily create extensions for even more flexibility and power.

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Secure and govern analytic assets

Secure and centrally manage user access to data,  analytic workflows, and analytic apps. Built-in authentication, integrated SSO, and a granular permissions model provides enterprise-grade security.

Use the Administration Portal to track data lineage, see usage reports, audit data updates, workflow runs,  and user activity. Alteryx Server provides a flexible and secure architecture that is designed to fit into your organization’s governance strategy. 

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“With the power of Alteryx Server, we were able to reduce the load from four people down to only half of one person’s bandwidth because we scheduled everything. Now, time can be spent acting on data and insights.”

Analytics and Productivity Lead, Ingersoll Rand


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Machine RequirementsRecommended: 64-bit, 32-bit not supported
OS RequirementsMicrosoft Windows Server 2012 or later
Chip4 core minimum per Alteryx server node
8-16 cores or more for enterprise production deployment
Processor2.5GHz or faster
Disk Size1TB

Alteryx APIs

Access to Alteryx APIs is included with an installation of Alteryx Server:

  • Alteryx engine  — Alteryx functionality, including all of the components listed below
  • Drivetime  — Drivetime calculation engine and supporting spatial data
  • Geocoder  — Open source geocoder that assigns lat/long to address information
  • Allocate  — Organizes and retrieves data using spatial objects
  • Calgary  — Creates high-performance indexing and searchable lists of data
  • Profiler  — Using standard segmentation products, profile your customers for any level of geography from household to neighborhood to custom trade areas and drivetimes

Alteryx SDK

The Alteryx SDKs allow developers and users to easily add custom tools and formulas to their tool palette using a variety of programming languages.