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Machine Learning Made Easy

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you can create innovative machine learning models in minutes. Alteryx Intelligence Suite is designed to help you unlock hidden insights in your data. From analyzing structured data to unearthing insights buried within text and documents, Intelligence Suite allows you to solve your business’ most vexing problems.

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intelligence suite assisted modeling

Build AutoML Models in Minutes

  • Quickly create ML pipelines in fully-automated, assisted, or expert modes
  • Solve complex business problems with powerful ML methods like XGBoost, Elastic Net, Random Forest, and others
  • Spot and fix data quality issues before they harm your results with automated data health checks
  • Create robust models for better predictions with one-hot encoding, optimized imputation methods, and automated hyperparameter tuning

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intelligence suite assisted modeling
intelligence suite feature engineering preview

Accelerate Model Build with Auto Feature Engineering

  • Add power to your predictive models with Deep Feature Synthesis, which has more than 70 pre-engineered features
  • Build models you can trust with automated Feature Engineering that uses Featuretools and EvalML open-source libraries — downloaded over a million time
  • Optionally, augment your models with built-in data packages (Experian, TomTom, Dun & Bradstreet, U.S. Census, and more).

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intelligence suite feature engineering preview

Easily Extract Text From Images With Computer Vision

  • Accelerate text analytics with easy drag-and-drop automation
  • Extract text from image files with Google Tesseract’s powerful optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities
  • Quickly disentangle and extract data from complex PDFs with automatic table detection
  • Use topic modeling to extract concepts and themes in data
  • Understand and quantify the emotions behind your data with sentiment analysis

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“Most organizations spend 80-90% of their time cleansing and structuring data while only 10% is left for modeling. With Alteryx Intelligence Suite, we’re able to create and iterate machine learning models much more quickly and effectively than ever before.”

Nikita Atkins, GHD


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