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Create and Validate Fully-Guided Machine Learning Models

Data science and machine learning can create a sustainable competitive advantage for your business. However, there is a growing shortage of data scientists; meaning, it can be quite expensive to find, retain, and hire these experts. Alteryx Intelligence Suite closes this gap. With machine learning automation for beginners or expert mode for those who demand more flexibility, Intelligence Suite allows citizen and expert data scientists alike to create models in minutes. Whether you’re creating data science and machine learning (ML) models or unlocking the insights buried in text and documents, Intelligence Suite allows you to solve your business’ most vexing problems.

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intelligence suite assisted modeling

Put Data Science at Your Fingertips With Automated Machine Learning

Intuitively create sophisticated ML pipelines in fully-automated, assisted, or expert mode. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you can use innovative methods like XGBoost, Elastic Net, Random Forest, and others, which compete to provide the best solution to drive your business forward. Leverage automated data health checks to better understand and cleanse your data before creating robust, optimized models. For more sophisticated users, use one-hot encoding, optimized imputation methods, and automated hyperparameter tuning. Datasets are automatically randomized and folded with holdout data and best-in-class techniques are applied to prevent pitfalls such as overfitting and target leakage.

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intelligence suite assisted modeling
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Easily Extract Structured and Unstructured Text

Speed text mining and analytics with easy drag-and-drop automation building blocks. Extract text from PDFs and images with Google Tesseract’s powerful optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. Understand and extract concepts in your data with natural language capabilities like topic modeling. Gain insight to the emotion behind your data with sentiment analysis and share insights with others by creating word clouds. 

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Create More Robust Models With Automated Feature Engineering

Leverage Deep Feature Synthesis to automatically generate features across multiple relational datasets. More than 70 pre-engineered features are ready to add predictive power to your models, built with Alteryx FeatureTools and EvalML open-source libraries, which have been downloaded over a million times. Optionally, augment your models with built-in data packages (Experian, TomTom, Dun & Bradstreet, U.S. Census, and more).

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intelligence suite feature engineering preview

“The average data science team gets between 0 and 4 models to production per year. With Assisted Modeling, you could be doing that in an afternoon.”

Technical Lead, Bulien


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