New research from IDC shows the state of today’s data science and analytics. The verdict: Analysts are wasting huge chunks of time.

Fifty-four million data workers worldwide spend 44% of their workday on unsuccessful data activities.

Productivity is lost to analysts juggling four to seven different technologies for their data tasks. An additional seven hours a week are forfeited to manually updating spreadsheet formulas, pivot tables, and cell and sheet references.

The list goes on, but bad data practices don’t have to.

IDC’s packed infobrief delivers insights on:

  • The top 8 challenges modern data workers face
  • How and where time and money are lost to inefficiencies
  • 4 key areas that can reduce data friction

Today’s data workers are crucial to success in the digital economy. Their time is more valuable than ever before. Download the latest IDC research to read all of the key findings.

"44% of time is being wasted every week because data workers are unsuccessful in their activities." 
— “State of Data Science and Analytics,” IDC

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