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The Age of the Badass Analyst

Seize the day. Explore modern approaches to data analytics that unleash your brilliance.

Data prep is where time goes to die. If you’re like most analysts, you spend 80% of your day preparing data for basic analysis and reports, and just 20% delivering results that propel your career and the business forward.

Become a data disruptor and differentiate yourself as the innovative analyst you were meant to be. In this e-book, learn how to:

  • Flip the 80/20 rule and spend most of your time uncovering brilliant insights
  • Stop reporting from stale data and start recommending data-driven changes to transform the business
    using the power of advanced analytics — predictive, prescriptive, and geospatial
  • Answer complex questions with confidence

Release your inner badass. Download the e-book now.