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Tired vs. Wired: Data Transformation with Spreadsheets vs. Data Preparation with Designer Cloud

Move from spreadsheets to Designer Cloud. In the eBook, learn the 4 steps to cleaning and transforming data using a cloud-based approach to prepare data easier and faster.

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Ditch the Tired, Adopt the Wired

Still relying on spreadsheets to prepare data for today’s advanced data acquisition, analytics, and machine learning/artificial intelligence initiatives?

Spreadsheets are cumbersome, restrictive, pose governance and security risks, and are hard to maintain and scale. Spreadsheets are tired.

Data preparation with Designer Cloud is wired. Alteryx Designer Cloud provides visual and intelligent guidance to automate and accelerate data preparation so you get to insights faster.

Get this eBook to learn:

  • The four steps to cleaning and transforming data
  • The limitations, complexities, and delays with spreadsheets
  • How our cloud-based approach to data preparation is an easier, faster, better way to prepare data
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Swing Into Analytical Success with Michelle Wie West

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