6 Steps To A Bulletproof Data Prep Strategy

You can’t succeed in business without a smart data preparation strategy. If you don’t clean, validate, and consolidate your raw data the right way, you can’t ask deeper questions of it to get meaningful answers.

Read “6 Steps To A Bulletproof Data Prep Strategy,” to learn the fundamentals of:

  • Data exploration: Discover what surprises each dataset holds
  • Data cleansing: Eliminate errors that muddy the waters
  • Data blending: Join multiple datasets and reveal new truths
  • Data profiling: Spot poor-quality data
  • ETL (Extract-Transfer-Load): Aggregate data from diverse sources
  • Data wrangling: Make data digestible for your analytic models

Plus, we’ll answer the million-dollar question: Can you still be a rock-star at data prep when your data lives in silos and spreadsheets?


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