2021 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms


Gartner has named Alteryx a “Challenger” in its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning (DSML) platforms.

What can a DSML platform do for you? In the new Magic Quadrant report, discover:

  • Which teams benefit from a DMSL platform, and how
  • What makes an effective platform that drives value
  • How a collaborative approach affects performance

Get your complimentary copy of the full report today and see how various data science and machine learning platforms are positioned.

Alteryx named Customer’s Choice

Alteryx is the highest peer rated vendor for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms.


“We used Alteryx for extract, transform, load and visualization of data for a regulatory reporting use case. We were quite impressed by Alteryx functionality and support provided by Alteryx team to integrate the tool with our visualization platform and multiple databases. Alteryx made the whole process quite simple, and we didn’t need advanced level of data modelling/engineering knowledge to use the product.


Principal, Financial Services, Finance Industry


“Using the Alteryx Platform is one of the effective ways to make impactful and accurate business reports. Even with no programming skills, one can quickly perform analysis on large data to generate insightful results. It’s a value for money. Seamless integration with python or R helps to achieve more complex workflows.”


Data Scientist, Services Industry


With Alteryx, we get actionable data insights that fuel business decisions. It has been a very useful tool for virtually every division in my organization as most of the decisions we take are driven by data and the insights we deduce from them. It also makes it possible to understand customer behavior and inject insights into CRM tools.”


Data Analyst, Finance Industry


Alteryx is the highest peer rated vendor for Data Science & Machine Learning Platforms


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