Classroom Training

In 2018, Alteryx classroom training will be delivered by an Alteryx certified partner, InterWorksIcimo, and Infotopics. Please register directly with our Alteryx Partners.

Upcoming Classroom Training - Icimo:
Alteryx Core Concepts I 

2-day class in Cary, NC: 9am – 5pm

2/11 – 2/12
3/11 – 3/12

Alteryx Core Concepts I is designed for beginning users of Alteryx Designer and is appropriate for anyone working with data. This two-day course provides the building blocks required to complete more complex tasks with Alteryx Designer. You will gain an understanding of important concepts that enable you to prepare, parse, blend, transform, and analyze data.

Course Overview:
Navigate Alteryx Designer
Connect, cleanse, and join data
Use common tools
Basic calculations and formulas

Alteryx Core Concepts II

2-day class in Cary, NC: 9am – 5pm

2/14 – 2/15
3/14 – 3/15

Alteryx Core Concepts II is designed for those with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Alteryx Designer. This two-day course will increase your skills in data preparation, parsing, blending, transforming, and analysis.

Course Overview:
Data investigation
Advanced parsing
Fuzzy matching
Predictive analytics
Macro development and analytic apps


Upcoming Classroom Training - Infotopics:


Upcoming Training - Interworks: