Use Case

Alteryx + Roquette

Find out how Roquette, the world leader in plant-based ingredients, uses Alteryx across multiple departments to save time and improve efficiency.

Save time by automating processes


All functions are represented: HR, quality, manufacturing, supply chain, control, finance. There are use cases in all departments.

Pierre-Louis Bescond, Head of Data & Advanced Analytics


Save days in human resources and supply chain with Alteryx


My first use case was for consolidation. And since then he has become my best friend.

Pauline Scieszyk, HR Data Analytics & HR Excellence Manager


I spent one day a month developing savings calculations and with Alteryx we are less than 10 minutes away.

Sebastien Ratel, Head of Global Logitics & Packing Supply Chain


The Missing Element in the Modern Data Stack: Automation
Automation can help connect the various components of an organization’s information architecture, but it tends to be implemented sparingly or not at all. Organizations must adopt a platform that addresses these challenges.
  • Analytics Automation
  • Process Automation
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Customer Video
All in with Marine
Alteryx’s legacy began with geospatial capabilities, learn how Marine is continuing our heritage at Pickup Services by leveraging geospatial analytics capabilities with Alteryx.
  • Data Prep and Analytics
  • Analytics Leader
  • English
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2023 Data Engineering Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services
Industry analyst Dresner Advisory explores what makes a data engineering tool successful and confirms that data engineering is the backbone of important analytical use cases
  • Data Prep and Analytics
  • IT Professional
  • Alteryx Analytics Cloud
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