Use Case

Partner Capability Matrix


Sales reps aren’t usually experts on all capabilities for all partners. Bridging the gap between what partners can bring to the table and what the customer needs can often be a high-lift process. By creating a dashboard of partner capabilities, combined with records of previous wins, sales can easily understand the total product to sell to customer, and which partners enable that.

Top-Line Growth

Provide a one-stop reference to find the perfect partner capability to help close the deal

Bottom-Line Returns

Reduce time sales needs to spend researching and increase access to full capability library

Stronger Partnerships

More visibility and access to partner capabilities means closing more deals that incorporate partners


Business Problem

When your customers need more than your company alone can deliver, you turn to your network of partners. If you find a match between the problem that your customer wants to solve and the combined capabilities that your partners provide, you can offer a solution.

Usually, it’s channel managers who know partner capabilities well enough to find a match, but they don’t always know all of the partners. That means sales must navigate an incomplete, disjointed knowledge base of partner capabilities and try to arrive at a solution. Meanwhile, customer experience is poor, the delay may cost you the deal, and you may overlook the optimal partner for the customer’s needs.

Analytics Solution

Arm your sales reps with a one-stop dashboard of partners and their capabilities. Through the dashboard, sales can easily look for partners with specific capabilities, search for previous wins by partners and capabilities, and find experts to collaborate on a proposal.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to match partner capabilities with customer needs, enabling faster and more competitive bids
  • Connect internal channel manager repository to automatically match channel manager that can help consult on best solution
  • Continually expand and update partner capability repository to ensure bids contain the latest and most competitive solutions
  • Strengthen partner relationships through winning more deals that include partner capabilities

Partner Capability Designer Workflow

1 – Data Connection

Connect to partner capability data in Snowflake or other data

2 – Automated Data Preparation

Fortify the data from CRM with internal and public data sources through Snowflake, and combine into data tables for a holistic view

3 – Custom Data Blending

Easily add and update partner capability data without disrupting dashboards or data accessibility

4 – Operationalize Analytics

Export into Tableau for one-stop view of partner type, tier, capabilities, region (localization), internal contact for each partner, partner domain and industry information (expertise)


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