7-Eleven’s Big Gulp Into Model Validation

Do you ever wonder how a company as big as 7-Eleven manages the whole process of ordering items for each store? With 9,000-plus stores across the United States and thousands of items in each store, this is by no means an easy task.

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Apr 5 - 12
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The Office of Finance: Save Time with Automation

Accounting, auditing, and tax have tons of mundane and repeatable processes; about 26 hours per week are wasted on manual work in spreadsheets. So, why not automate these? Join the experts from Data Meaning to learn how to identify and create fast solutions for automating your job and freeing up your time to take care of real business.

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Jones Lang LaSalle Gamifies Analytics Upskilling with the "Alteryx Adventure"

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) leveraged Alteryx to develop the analytics skills of its workforce to increase productivity, improve quality, and enhance employee engagement in the wake of the pandemic.

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Transform Your Data and Your Business in Six Steps with Designer Cloud

Make data consumable so you can build curated, accessible data products for advanced data insights and analytics? This eBook outlines 6 steps to transform your data — and your business.

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