From Analytic Silos to Business Breakthroughs

Alteryx and Snowflake

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As business intelligence and machine learning grow, they can develop separate silos — each with its own data sources, technologies, and skillsets. That means the analytics and data science you adopted to speed outcomes can end up slowing them down.

But now, it’s possible to break down those silos, for deeper insights and smarter decisions. The first step: Building a tech stack to handle the job — one that lets everyone draw from the same data pool, no matter their role.

Join Snowflake and Alteryx on Wednesday, March 17, to learn how you can:

  • Integrate data science and analytic automation to eliminate troublesome silos
  • Get engineers, data scientists, analysts, and business specialists “singing from the same song book”
  • Scale up and accelerate your digital transformation across your entire organization

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