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It’s long past time for analytics to grow up. For your customers. For your stakeholders. For your business. But what is analytic maturity?

It’s upskilling every team member to use your analytic stack, because it’s drag-and-drop simple.

It’s letting everyone contribute deep, actionable insights, because your system does the heavy lifting.

And it’s staying agile during even the rockiest times, because you’re so fully automated.

True analytic maturity lets you deliver reliably, use resources thoughtfully, and succeed sustainably.

Join us to:

  • Hear how leading organizations like International Institute for Analytics (IIA) reach deeper insights and accelerate outcomes by developing new analytic talent — and how leading brands are upskilling their workforces while empowering their organizations
  • Discover how self-service analytics lets data workers cut time-consuming manual tasks, generate uniquely deep insights, and take ownership of their work
  • Join best-selling Freakonomics author Stephen J Dubner for a riveting talk on why data-informed thinking is more critical than ever — how analytic maturity can help

Accelerate your analytics maturity, and win.


Meet Our Speakers

Stephen Dubner

Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and Award-Winning Journalist 

Jack Phillips

CEO & Co-Founder

Matthew Stauble

Chief Customer Officer

Tony Castillo

VP | Data Warehouse Solutions Product Manager

Brian Millrine

CIO / Strategy Director

Kalyan Ramanathan

SVP Solutions Marketing

Michelle Pelletier

VP Global Customer Support

Jason Janicke


Vishal Soni

Sr. Technical Product Manager, Alteryx

Nir Kushnir

Chief Revenue Office (CRO)

Teddy Hector

Data Analyst



Keynote: Evolving to meet new challenges through Analytics Maturity

Matthew Stauble, Chief Customer Officer, Alteryx

Voice of the Customer: How Northern Trust Achieved Agility and Speed to Market Through Analytic Innovation

Featuring Michelle Pelletier, VP Global Customer Support at Alteryx
Tony Castillo, VP | Data Warehouse Solutions Product Manager, Northern Trust Corporation

The Latest from Alteryx: Analytics Maturity Model

Featuring Kalyan Ramanathan, SVP Solutions Marketing at Alteryx
Jack Phillips, CEO & Co-Founder, International Institute for Analytics (IIA)

Featured Speaker: The Hidden Side of Analytics in the Modern Enterprise

Stephen Dubner, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and Award-Winning Journalist , Freakonomics Radio

Voice of the Customer: How Brookson is Driving Growth Through Data & Analytics

Featuring Jason Janicke, SVP Sales at Alteryx
Brian Millrine, CIO / Strategy Director, Brookson Group

How Data Preparation Empowered SearchKings With Business Insights

Featuring Teddy Hector, Data Analyst at SearchKings & Connor Carreras, Head of Adoption & Enablement – GCS, Trifacta
Nir Kushnir, Chief Revenue Office (CRO), SearchKings


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